General Information

Working for United Medicare

How does it work?
United Medicare receives locum requirements from hospitals throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We will inform you about any suitable positions. If you are interested in the locum bookings, your C.V and documentation will then be sent to the Medical Staffing Officer at the hospital. If they think it is a good C.V it will be sent to the relevant Consultant and if approved, you will be selected and we will let you have all the details of the role. This will be sent to you in a confirmation letter. The doctors that are selected usually:

  1. Always provide us with their latest telephone numbers including home numbers, mobile phone numbers and fax numbers. This helps us be in constant contact with them.
  2. Have proven their reliability by honouring previous commitments.
  3. Given a prompt response in relation to the booking. We need a definite YES or NO. If you spend too long deliberating about the booking, then the hospital may change their mind and choose another doctor.

When you are offered a locum booking, you are under no obligation to accept it. However, once you have said yes and accepted the booking, you have made a firm commitment to us the locum agency and also to the hospital.

Reporting to the hospital

We will advise you on the acceptance of a locum booking where and to whom you need to report on arrival at the hospital. You should take your GMC registration certificate with you as well as some clear personal identification such as a driving licence or passport.


Many hospitals provide single accommodation, free of charge, while you are working there but some hospitals do charge for accommodation. We will inform you if this is the case. Some hospitals may provide subsidised married accommodation but there are limited places.

Travel expenses

Many hospitals will pay for a single or return journey from your home within the UK, or if you are travelling from abroad, from the airport or port of entry within the UK. This can be by public transport or can be calculated through vehicle mileage. Please keep any train or bus tickets for confirmation of the claim.

Full time posts

For substantive posts of 6 months or longer, United Medicare will introduce the doctor to the hospital. If you accept a substantive post you will be paid directly by the hospital according to the NHS pay scale.

Hospitals usually conduct personal interviews before accepting a doctor but telephone interviews can be arranged. Most doctors in the UK obtain substantive posts at some point in their career in order to obtain good experience and references.

Please note: Locum pay rates can be considerably higher than that of the NHS.


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