REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation)

REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation), formerly known as FRES, serves as the regulator for the recruitment industry. As members of REC, United Medicare aim to ensure that our candidates and clients benefit from the highest standards of service. Before being elected as a member, recruitment agencies have to satisfy REC that they comply with their Code of Practice and meet the criteria set, in order to attain the annual Certification of Standards.

Quality Service Award - ISO 9001:2000

Our quality management system is working towards ISO 9001:2000 certification to confirm our commitment to providing the highest standards of service at all times.

Investor in People

In December 2002, United Madicare was accredited by London East Learning & Skills Council as achieving the prestigious Investor in People award. This recognises the organisation as meeting a national standard for the effective management and development of our employees, and demonstrates that we believe in and recognise the value of our people, their performance and their contribution to the success of our business.


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